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Here are a few fun road trips we've been on:

2001 Trans Am Nationals
2002 Pontiacs at Pigeon Forge
2002 Trans Am Nationals
2002 Tipp City Cruise-In
2003 Trans Am Nationals
2003 Tipp City Cruise-In
2004 Pontiacs at Pigeon Forge
2004 Trans Am Nationals
2005 Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge
2005 Trans Am Nationals
2005 Tipp City Cruise-In
2005 POCI Nationals  

2006 North American International Auto Show (Detroit Auto Show)

2006 Trans Am Nationals

2007 Pontiacs in Pigeon Forge

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The Quest for the Secret Formula...a 1978 Formula....
Formula For Disaster... a 1972 Formula & 1977 Esprit...

Kicking and Screaming... a 1978 Trans Am

Hoghead Resort... you'll just have see it to believe it...

Seeing Red...a 1978 Redbird...

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Die Cast Trans Am Page (updated!)

And, if you're inclined to build a detached shop, Check out this:

Joe's Garage Adventure
and this: Brian's Garage Adventure

Installing a Two-Post Lift