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Forlorn, Forgotten, and not For Sale

We always look for f-bodies along the road, and my wife is particularly good at it. She can almost tell a Camaro from a Firebird now. This page documents the glimpses of rare or strangely situated Trans Ams we saw sitting beside the road.


Now that's an attention getter. At a junkyard in Frederick, MD, a 79-ish base Firebird looks over the gate to attract parts seekers. This car is sitting on a Dodge van. They also have a 77 Esprit that is sitting on top of a Scout Travelall. They have a late 70's Camaro too, but I can't remember what it is sitting on.

This is one of those junkyards where stuff stays a long time. In the foreground there's a 1949 GMC. Behind the Firebird there's a large cargo truck. It's a Federal. I'd have to guess the model year is about 1935.


Bizarre Scene in Rural Maryland

Here's one that left me speechless. This scene is not visible from the road, and it's hard to photograph, but this is someone's front yard, with unmowed grass around the house. In the foreground of this picture is an original unmolested Skybird. In the background you can readily identify a 10th anniversary Trans Am. It's unrestored, a 4-speed, and a solid #3 in terms of condition. Parked nose to nose with the TATA is a (relatively) pedestrian 400 4-speed black 79 also in excellent shape.

These cars had not been in the grass very long when my wife first spotted them in July 2000. At that time, we made a massive effort to communicate with the owner. We wrote letters, called, and knocked on the door, but could not make contact. In 2002, he called me on the phone, and I bought the Skybird. I found out he is an interesting guy who began having some health problems and couldn't really take care of these cars.

Get us out of here!

One Escapes!

In 2002, he called me on the phone, and I bought the Skybird. I found out he is an interesting guy who began having some health problems and couldn't really take care of these cars. Note the TATA still in the yard.
Get this grass off me!

The Skybird of the Jungle

Here's the Skybird after I got it home. It's out of the grass, but not out of the woods. The elements have taken their toll, but this lady has not lost her looks.
Would somebody put me in a garage please?

Less Bizarre Scene

Here's my second photo of a dead-beside-the-road 10th Anniversary Trans Am. This one's a 403 automatic car, and it's fairly nice and easily restorable. Parts car companion makes a nice planter in this scene. I stopped here and talked to the owner's brother. He laughingly said, "Come back in 10 or 15 years, he'll be ready to sell by then." I told him I there is a lot of that going around.
Somebody get me out of this grass!

Not at all bizarre end for a Macho Man

Until recently, DKM 36 was resting quietly in Virginia guarded by some no trespassing signs. It's a 4-speed with a black and yellow color scheme that I don't particularly like. I did knock on the door here just once, but nobody was home. Recently it has disappeared. I hope somebody is restoring it.
I'm yellow and macho

Just for the Sake of Completeness

I should include the third in my series of10th Anniversary Trans Ams dead beside the road. This particular car lost its wheels somewhere along the way. The owner moved away somewhere and left the poor car at mama's house, in the rain. I've never seen this car move in the last 10 years.
They're going to fix me up someday!


Like the "Firebird in the Sky" above, this land-based Trans Am is used to attract customers to "The price is right auto parts" in Bean Station Tennessee. We tried to buy this car, without success (the price wasn't right).

You can just barely tell that it was pinstriped like a special edition using a light color.


Fly away Redbird

I found this rare Esprit Redbird at Hilltop Auto Salvage. When I first saw it, it was pretty complete, and I was tempted to buy it. It got stripped very quickly before I could get it out of there. I eventually just bought the steering wheel out of it for our Steering Wheel Collection. This car was crushed the week of July 15th, 2002. I really really love Redbirds, and this hurts me. I have nobody to blame but myself.

Ultra-rare, 1 of uh... None

Here's a hardtop tricked out with Black 1978 Special Edition grilles. When I saw it, I thought it was a 1978 Y-81 Special Edition. What a rare car that would be! When I checked in a few books, I found they didn't make any. This car has a 75 back bumper and interior, so we guessed it's a 75 that's been converted into a fake special edition. It is missing its left rear wheel, but that's not all that unusual for a Trans Am around here.

We later purchased this car, and the owner admitted it was two cars siamesed together. Look for it on the Killed Trans Am page!

one of none!

If a Tree Falls in the Forest......

What are the odds it'll hit a 68 Firebird with power windows? Here's a crying shame, and one misfit Firebird of intererst to you wood-workers out there. A very high-optioned original 1968 Firebird 400 that was squashed by a walnut tree. It was a very nice car at the time, but in the 4 years since, woodland critters have eaten an enormous amount of the wiring, interior, and hoses. Oh, well. You can just barely make out that squashed hood tach.

Or, maybe it's a conspiracy

....what are the odds it'll hit a 69 Trans Am? This off-kilter item was recently auctioned off on ebay. Shortly after that, a tree fell at our secret storage location narrowly missing FOUR special edition trans ams. The trees could be out to get us.
Just call me Eilene

It's definitely a conspiracy

Just for the sake of completeness, here's a 67 Firebird that was only slightly squashed by a tree.
I heard the sound of that falling. I just didn't get out of the way.

Fool's Gold......

If the tree bird didn't make you cry, try this one. It has been variously reported that 8,666 or 8,676 Gold Special Editions were made. Does anybody know how many were convertibles? Anybody?

Around 1996, When I was looking for a special edition to keep, I remember looking at this car. It was complete then, but had already had a tough life. Tim Hall cut the roof off to someday put Fisher T-tops in his 76. This particular car was a 400 automatic non-WS6 with vinyl interior, and was stamped "Y88" on the trim tag.

Amazingly, we eventually bought the car and its roof.

Not all that glitters is worth driving home

In the City That Never Sleeps...

As long as you're up, you might as well drive around in your 69 Trans Am Convertible with one brake light burned out. Brian spotted this in Manhattan while he was on a Tour Bus. What are the odds???? I know, it's probably a clone, but you hardly see any cars in Manhattan that aren't taxis.
Wow, look at those tall buildings!

And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street!

If you ever visit Kingsport, after you check out our famous Muffler Man with rare OEM hamburger accessory, you might want to take a drive on Idle Hour road, where these cars are located. Here in East Tennessee, some counties built improved roads over the terrain exactly as they found it, without doing any grading. When they came to short hills, sometimes they went straight over the top, resulting in a Dr. Suess-like roadway with all kinds of vertical and horizontal radii mixed together. Not for anybody with motion sickness.

The cars are a classic yellow W50, as you can see, and a weird tan Firebird with snowflakes, pinstriping, a Trans Am hood decal, something that looks like an Esprit stripe, and Formula-like tail panel striping. I am very curious to know if this is all aftermarket or if it had some kind of dealer or regional special appearance package. It was probably customized by someone who was influenced by a Yellowbird.

Chain fall in a tree stands ready to serve as an engine hoist.

I'm going to be sick
Me too!

Or, Maybe it's a Conspiracy

Another chainfall the same day suggests that the trees may have figured out how to kill a Firebird without actually falling on it.
Put my motor back in!

The Ultimate Late 70's Trans Am

Can you guess what this is? Just take a guess. Have you finished? It's a 455 4-speed 50th Anniversary Pontiac. One of just 319 built without T-tops or 429 total. It's a documented car, thanks to PHS, so this is not just some toothless hoghead story. This is easily the rarest Trans Am ever pictured on www.firebirdtransamparts.com. Neither of us wants to restore this car, so we didn't buy it, but we told the owner to try to take care of it. You can buy it for just $5000. Did you guess correctly?
Stop shaking the camera, dummy!

The Ultimate Early 80's Trans Am?

We're frequently amazed at the scenes we come upon within 10 miles of home. This looks like a scene right out of a bad action movie (Gator saves Christmas). This place of business is a bait n' bullet shop called "Guns R Us" (not making this up). The car obviously is a rare 1981 Nascar Turbo Trans Am in pretty nice shape. The car looks like it just roared up to the store for some Slim Jims, nitecrawlers, and 50 rounds of 7.62, but it's been sitting in this spot for years (not making this up either). Maybe it's another strategy to attract customers?
Boy, you gotta have a fishin' license to park here

It's a W-50, eh?

This is the first international addition to the island; A pretty 1979 Formula with the Formula Appearance Package (W-50) assumes the rotdown pose in Toronto. Check out those two flat tires. The paint has totally evaporated off the rear spoiler end, revealing the brown plastic underneath.

Formula W-50's are becoming quite rare, partly due to lack of collector interest. At last year's Trans Am Nationals, there were about 500 cars and only 2 or 3 were Formulas like this.

Stuff rusts here, eh

Field of Dreams

If the Island of Misfit Trans Ams was a real place, this would be its capital. This awsome scene (which warrants more pixels) was located in south Atlanta right next to the Airport. Special Editions, Super Duties, Pace Cars, it's all in there. This is not all of the Trans Ams. It's just what you could see through the fence. Brian sold his ultra-rare 75 455 (see the Team Hoghead Garage) to somebody like this, in Georgia, so we think his car might be in there somewhere
Somebody help us!
Ed Waller collected these in Atlanta over 25 or 30 years, trying to corner the market. I guess he was a little bit obsessed, but we can't say he's any worse than we are. He used to advertise these in the "Atlanta Advertiser" all the time. He sold them as a lot in the Spring of 2006. You can't say Ed never accomplished anything with them, 'cause you could see them from outer space.

Check it out ----->

How many Trans Ams? Only the Russians know for sure.

Here are a couple dedicated to the Ladies....

Alongside Tennessee route 93 sits a forlorn looking 1977 Skybird, slowing sinking into the earth. It's been sitting here forever. It belongs to a little old lady who was apparently a fun-loving middle aged lady when it was new.
Returning to the Dust...
In Cherokee, NC, we have the exact same situation, with a little bit rougher 1977 Skybird. Did I ever tell you about the Native American Skybird legend?

Spare Time Gone Wrong

This straight, solid 1980 T/A just seemed like it would be more fun mounted on a 1978 Bronco frame. The body mounts to the radiator support are about a foot high. As is often the case with these projects, it never got totally finished.
Ford Power Forever!
That's gotta be worth two pictures. Here's the rear view. If you're not the lead dog... You can still get past me.

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