Trans Am Nationals Cruise

Tipp City, Ohio

August 23, 2002


Well, here we are at the Trans Am Nationals Cruise at Tipp City!!  We wanted to get here early this year so we could get a good parking place.  We were very pleased to park right here on the street corner.

While Cameron and I got our Trans Am registered for the show, Joe got us reservations at Paddy's.  We then looked at the Firebirds, Formulas, and Trans Ams, took pictures, and talked to several folks from the Bandit Trans Am club and folks that have bought parts from us on eBay.  It was neat to meet folks face-to-face!!

We then walked down to Paddy's at 6:00 p.m.  It took a while to get our food, but we had a GREAT time and had a nice meal.  We then walked around to look at cars and talk with friends.

Come on along with us and check it out!!

Look at all of the Firebirds, Formulas, and Trans Ams pouring into Tipp City...276 in all registered for this show!! Trans Ams as far as you can see and nice weather too!!  If you were there last year, you'll remember the severe thunderstorm that rolled through as we left...but not this year!!
Well, let's look at some cars!  Here's a nice 1968 HO Firebird!!  And when you look through the window.... You'll see this really cool Hurst Dual-Gate shifter!!
Here's a nice convertible. Here's a clean 1969 Firebird... nice color too!!
Check out the black paint on this 1969 400 Firebird. Here's a nice Formula.
This Formula is almost identical to the my friend's that he drove to high school...21 years ago!!  Thanks for the memories!! Buccaneer red exterior and white interior...a hard combination to beat!!  This is a very nice 1974 Trans Am.
Here's a 1974 Super Duty Trans Am that received a really cool letter from Jim Mattison at PHS.  Seems that this Trans Am was the most favorite company car of the General Manager of Pontiac Division at the time!! This letter also explained why the SD-455 engine was unstamped... it was a hand built replacement engine by the engineering garage for this once company car SD-455!!  The original engine developed a water leak...
While you certainly don't see a 1974 SD-455 Trans Am everyday, how about one with a vinyl top????? Here's a yellow 1977 Trans Am.
Here's a nice shot of a couple of Bandit Trans Am Club member cars... reminds me of the picture we took last year of our Team Hoghead Trans Ams.  Another nice 1978 Gold Special Edition Trans Am.
Yes I am very partial to Y88 Gold Editions, what gave it away???? OK, OK... my last Y88 Gold Edition picture... at least on this page.
Yes, I do like 1978 Trans Ams... any color... but Martinique Blue is a very good choice. Here's a 1979 Tenth Anniversary Trans Am.
1980 Indy Pacecar Trans Am. I do like V-8's, but these 1989 3.8 liter turbos made some serious power.
Here's a couple of Mecham T/A's...they're a lot different from the Macho T/A's Mecham built in the late '70's. Here's a nice collection of 30th Anniversary T/A's.
Here's a couple more shots of the Mecham Trans Ams...
It doesn't matter what year or generation, black and gold looks good on a Trans Am. Here's the Hurst Hauler... you can see more of it on our page for the 2002 Trans Am Nationals.
Kitt says, "Michael, why are all of these people staring at me, and by looking at the cars parked around me, it appears I've been cloned." Wow, what an interior... no wonder Michael Knight let Kitt do the driving... if only the producers had swapped cars for just one episode between Knight Rider and the Dukes of Hazard... Kitt would've come back saying "Yee Haw and Y'all."
Is this a Banshee replica?? I can only imagine what this guy's thinking while scratching his head..."Wonder if it'd pull my 5th wheel camper..."
Well, did you enjoy your virtual tour?  We had a great time being there.  Check out our other webpage for all the fun we had at the 2002 Trans Am Nationals!!!