21st Annual Trans Am Nationals

Dayton, Ohio

August 26-28, 2005

Welcome to our 2005 Trans Am Nationals Page!!  We had another GREAT trip and time at the Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, Ohio.  It just gets better every year.

Team Hoghead managed to make it to the Trans Am Nationals once again!! 

Why is my 1978 Gold Edition Trans Am on the trailer?  Well thanks to Joe's dad, we were able to tow my Gold Edition to the 2005 Trans Am Nationals with a Super Duty...Ford that is.  Four Hogheads do not fit very well in a 2nd Gen Trans Am, but we fit just fine in the Crew Cab Super Duty...almost like sitting in the living room at home.

Joe, Cameron, Robert, and I began our big adventure on Friday morning.    The first order of business was to drive to the Mountaineer Restaurant in Church Hill for breakfast!  If you're in the area, I highly recommend you try it out.

After eating enough biscuits and gravy to kill most men, we decided to "git-r-dun" and head for Trans Am Mecca...Dayton, Ohio.

We stopped briefly to check out a black 2005 Hemi Charger...but when you say that and see a four door car... the first thought is, "That's just wrong."

The big excitement on the trip to Dayton was almost getting struck by lightning when we stopped for fuel.

We arrived in Dayton just after 4:00 p.m.  We unloaded the Trans Am and drove over to the Dayton Airport Inn to register...and found out we'd have to wait until 5:00 p.m.  The 1976-81 Special Edition Trans Ams are the featured cars this year.

Here's a picture of the t-shirt this year...pretty sharp!! Here's just a few of the Black Special Editions
Bandit Trans Am Club members who could got together for a picture... as did the Trans Am Country members!!  It was great meeting everyone.
Well, there's no denying it now... how do you like my new license plate? OK, now lets check out the show... by starting with the 1st generation Firebirds.  Here's a very nice 1967.
Here's another nice 1967 in Robert's favorite color. If you're restoring a 1968, this was the car to photograph.  This Verdoro Green beauty is very correct!!
Here's a very nice 1969 convertible. If the red 1969 convertible is not you, how about green...
Or maybe blue?  There's something for everyone here!! Can you say "Ram Air IV"... WOW!!  That is SOMETHING!!
Ahh, the joy of six.... a Sprint OHC 6 that is. 1969 Trans Am... I like it!!
Let's finish off the 1st generation Firebirds with another beautiful 1969 Trans Am. How about some 2nd generation Firebirds... Lucerne Blue 1970 Trans Am.
1972 Formula 455, 4-speed... yeah I took LOTS of pictures.  Maybe one day my '72 will be done. Here's a 1973 Formula
And another 1973 Formula. 1973 Firebird... VERY low mileage and original!!
1973 Trans am OK... this begins "Super Duty Row"... 1973 SD455 Formula!!  Automatic, no gages, no Formula wheel.
The number of Super Duty Trans Ams here was very impressive!!  The restoration on this Super Duty was incredible!!
Mark Rogers' beautiful 1976 455, 4-speed T/A.  What's better than one Carousel Red Trans Am... TWO of them!!  It too has a 455 and a 4-speed!!  Yeah, these guys come every year, but you never get tired of seeing these beautiful cars.
  How about a 1977 VSE Fire-Am...
Now we move to "Special Edition Row" for the Black and Gold Special Edition Trans Ams... The Special Editions were the featured cars this year and as you will see, there was a great turnout!!
The Trans Am Mini-Nationals was a very neat event!!  These die cast collections were very impressive!!  
Well that's about it for the 2005 Trans Am Nationals!!  Be sure to check out the 2005 Tipp City Cruise for more pictures!!

After a weekend of Trans Am Nationals fun, it was time to head home... but here's something you just don't see everyday...two Gold Special Edition Trans Am on the interstate.

Our trip home was without any adventure or incident this year.