Shaker Scoop Page

You think all shaker scoops are the same for your Trans Am....well think again!!  Check out the pictures below and see for yourself

Here's a shaker scoop on a 1973 Trans Am. The front of these shakers are rounded fron 1970-76.  The 1970-72 shakers were equipped with a vacuum operated solenoid that would open the "flap" in the rear of the shaker to allow more air flow during full throttle acceleration.  In 1973, the solenoid was gone and the "flap" was attached to the shaker with screws...which you could easily remove.
Here's one of the most hallowed of all shaker scoops...the mighty SD-455 Trans Am. 
Here's the "low" shaker that came on the 1977 Trans Ams.  Also notice the narrow "snout" on the air cleaner for the L-78 400 engine.  The 1977-81 shakers are angular in the front instead of rounded like the 1970-76 shakers.
Here's the taller shaker that came on the 1978-79 Trans Ams with L-78 and W-72 400 engines.  Notice that this air cleaner has the larger "snout" that came with the W-72 engine option.
Here's the shaker that came on the Trans Ams equipped with the Olds 403 engine.  The adapter ring has a wicked offset so the scoop with be properly centered with the hood.  Check out the links below to get dimensions and pictures showing this offset.
Here's the shaker that came on the Trans Ams equipped with the 301 engine.
Here's the shaker scoop that came on the 305 Chevy powered Trans Ams in 1981.

You know that are others out there.........shaker scoops on Pontiacs that is.  Check these out:

Here's the shaker scoop on a 1974 GTO...what you didn't know they made a GTO in 1974....oh, you thought it was a Nova that some hoghead put a "Trams Am" shaker scoop on....don't let the GTO enthusiasts hear you say that...................
How 'bout this!!  Here's a shaker scoop for a 1977 Can Am equipped with the 400 Pontiac engine.  Check out the shaker base that allows the scoop to stick through the hood.  If you think that's impressive, wait until you see what they had to do to get a shaker scoop to stick through the hood on a 403 Olds engine equipped Can Am.
Woah Dude!!  What's that under that bodacious scoop.... Aunt Martha's cake platter or what!!!
Here's another shot of the 400 cid shaker scoop...I couldn't help myself!!
Here's another shot of the 403 cid shaker scoop too....this has got to be the mother of all shaker bases/air cleaners!!

If you want to learn more specifics on shaker scoops, check out these links: