Build Sheet Bingo Illustrations

Deluxe Interior

This page will attempt to illustrate features of deluxe interior, which was coded Y90 or B18. Oviously deluxe interior has fancier seats, and there are a few other more subtle features.
This photo of Joe's 1977 Trans Am shows:
  • Y02 1977-style deluxe front seats. These were similar from 1973-77.
  • JL1 Brake pedal pad trim.
  • Pull strap on dash. This was not coded on build sheets.
This interior was available in vinyl (shown here) or velour.
This side view shows Y10 deluxe door and quarter trim. Through 1977, the door pull strap was a feature of deluxe interior. Standard interior had none. The deluxe rear quarter trim is identical to standard interior except that it included an ashtray.
This is a better view of the rear quarter ashtray and Y03 deluxe rear seat.
In 1978, the deluxe interior was heavily revised. This view of Brian's 1978 Gold Special Edition Trans Am shows:
  • Y02 1978 style deluxe front seats.
  • Y10 1978 style deluxe door panel, which has carpet along the bottom. Door pulls were the same for standard or deluxe.
  • JL1 Brake Pedal Pad trim is visible in its 4-speed version.
  • The dash pull strap is also visible.
This interior was used until 1981. In 1979-81, codes for the front seat, rear seat, and door panels were changed to YR1, YS1, and YT1 respectively. The master code changed to B18. This interior was available in velour (shown here) or vinyl, and later in hobnail and striped fabrics. Some limited editions even had leather-skinned versions of these seats.
Another feature of deluxe interior is the door handle tape, coded D92. This tape was cut to fill the rectangular door handle inset.

Although faded in this photo, it originallly matched the body color, and can be a hard thing to find if the body color is really unusual, as it is in this example. This Skybird is a unique color not used on other Firebirds.