Unfinished Projects

(Project Cars that didn't stand a chance...)

Below are some project cars that I bought... that I shouldn't bought at all.  But, I did manage to pass them onto new owners who actually came to me looking to buy them!!

1970 Mustang Grande

While home from college in 1982, one of my Mustang buddies had had a 1970 Mustang Grande (Nacho del Grande edition) body... and since I buy junk cars like some folks bring home stray cats and dogs... I bought it for $100.00  I had a momentary delusion (from reading Hot Rod Magazine too much) of finding a big block Ford (428 engine) and building a hot rod out of it... but ended up selling it to my brother-in-law and getting my money back.  A funny story about this car is that a guy in college with me needed some parts for his 70 Mustang Coupe.  I offered to sell him the whole car for $150 but he thought that was too much.  After my brother-in-law bought it, he parted it out.  This guy from college said he found the fenders and door he needed for $100.  We figured it out that he had bought the parts for his car from my brother-in-law (parts from my old car)!!!!  So I told him for an extra $50 a couple of months ago, he could've had the deluxe interior, clock, and a whole host of other parts for his '70 Mustang!!

1952 Ford Truck

My brother-in-law found this truck and suggested that I go look at it in late 1984.  It was all there and cheap... so I bought it!  We hauled it home.  The engine was REALLY stuck.  My brother-in-law bought it from me in 1985 and eventually got it on the road with Mustang II front suspension, big block Ford power, and top loader 4-speed.  He shot it in red oxide primer and eventually flamed the nose.

1965 Mustang Fastback

I found this 1965 Mustang Fastback hull in the junkyard and bought it to save it from being crushed. The hull was in decent shape, really good fastback door glass, and it also had front disc brake spindles on it.
I had a short-lived delusion that I could build a Pro Street Shelby Clone out of this thing, but I came to my senses!!  

A guy came to the house to buy some Mustang parts and saw this hull.   He owned a body shop, had a decent 1965 Mustang coupe, and was wanting to build a fastback out of it.  So it was a match made in heaven... I sold hull in March of 1991

1940 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan

I found this 1940 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan in February of 1991 and just had to rescue it from sitting out in the elements for the low price of $300... I couldn't help myself!!  It was a fun exercise trying to track down and apply for a title, but I did finally get a title for it.  I had this crazy idea that I would build a "beater" street rod out of it and use it as a daily driver... you know, slap a running, used engine, tranny, and rear axle in it, shoot it in primer, and put it on the road for some fun.

In December of 1994, a guy came to the house to buy some Ford parts, saw the 1940 Ford, and offered me $350 for it... so I sold it.  I did have a thought about keeping the flathead V8 just for garage art... but I sold it all.

You can also see that I still had the 1965 Mustang Fastback hull when this picture was taken.