1981 and 1978 Trans Am Project:

In 1991, Joe and I went to buy two 1981 Trans Ams.  One was a Black Special Edition (Snoopy) and this is the other one (Red Barron).  We parted both Trans Ams out, but I decided I would like to save the body shell from the Red Barron to use for my own project Trans Am.  Joe then helped me locate this 1978 Trans Am.  We could see that it was gold... but surely it's not a Y88 Gold Edition.  Inspection of the cowl tag revealed the familiar "Y88" stamping!!  So I bought it too to use in my Trans Am project.

Stay tuned to see what becomes of these two Trans Ams as we make them into one...  All I can say for now is that I have a 1978 date coded "WC" W72 400 engine, Borg-Warner Super T-10 4-speed, and 3.42:1 positraction rear axle for the drivetrain (that needs a complete rebuild).  I also have a complete WS6 suspension and 15X8 snowflakes.  I have 1978 gauges, Camel Tan interior, and most of the parts to reassemble a correct 1978 Trans Am.  I have pieces off of all the "Killed Trans Ams" to use in this project just to say that all of our Trans Ams have contributed to this project.